Studio Röder

Spatial Design



SR–S:03, 21

Spatial Basics



SR–S:03, 21, Spatial Basics

Concrete, Stainless Steel, Wood, Silk

1:25 Scale



A hybrid pavilion made of steel, concrete, and glass serves as both a studio and exhibition space. With a circular form in the centre and a skylight that opens to the sky, an open atmosphere is created for creative collaboration. The visible steel skeleton divides the space into four work areas through rotating metal doors, surrounded by continuous glass panels. Light can penetrate from all sides and allow the outside to play a strong role inside. A silk curtain also provides the option for privacy. At night, the circular form illuminates the dark room and connects with its surroundings. The four work areas can be transformed into a fluid exhibition space by opening the steel doors, where artists can come together, discuss, and present their works.


In this project, detail-scalings at a scale of 1:20 were created to study elements of architecture on a larger scale. Additionally, a model of a foldable bench was developed as part of the pavilion, which combines formal and material elements. The scalings refer both to the overall project as well as the formal aspects of the design of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

Photography © Martino De Grandis