Studio Röder

Spatial Design



SR-S:04, 22

Route A/B



SR-S:04, 22, Route A/B

Powder Coated White Aluminium, Stained Birch Wood, Translucent Textile (EN 13773 Standard)




Route A / Route B is a travelling exhibition with a total of 6 stations. It combines the spatial and material qualities of the exhibited places with those of the objects on display. Route A shows the diversity of handmade glass production. Route B exhibits drinking vessels that take up the theme of water and wine. Constructive-modular elements with supports that form height differences in the form of steps characterise the exhibition design. The colour withdrawal of all materials of the exhibition architecture allows an unadulterated view of the intrinsic colours of the exhibits. The existing is contrasted by a large-scale fabric hanging.

Photography © Juan Camilo Roa